Foxconn Tech chases after the target "one-site design, three-location production, and global delivery". Its
major competitive advantages over its competitors lie in its time to order, time to delivery, time to market,
and global supply chain system.

Foxconn, using Taiwan as its design center and China as its main manufacturing base, already set up
hubs and service centers in Asia, Europe, and major cities of U.S.A.This is aimed to provide instant
support to customers and to support customer's needs for product development. This also helps to
strengthen the relationship with customers.
Foxconn Tech's headquarter and RD center are located in Tucheng city, Taipei. The company owns
three production bases-- Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, Kunshan in Jiangsu Province and Taiyuan in
Shanxi. While demands coming from China's domestic market are prospering vigorously, it's essential
to be near the market so that assembly cost could be greatly reduced. Furthermore, to increase in-house
supply of key components, the company has started to streamline the local supplier's supply system and
design capability in order to enhance the competitiveness of the company's products. This plan has been
widely recognized by global customers. There, the companys Shanxi plant while in planning stage was
aimed to have a close cooperation with major local aluminium-extrusion factories, die-casting factories,
and fastener factories. Foxconn Tech will develop together with its suppliers for new products. Not only
can this enhance its suppliers' technology capability but it can also assure a stable supply of quality